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Week of Woah Ramblings

What a crazy week.

Big Day Out, Laneway Festival, new skins and a little show called Parks & Recreation!!

Passion Pit, The xx, Florence and the Machine, Midnight Juggernauts and Lily Allen ♥ were all highlights of BDO n LF. I almost wept for joy at Florence. That woman is AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I swear. Lol our Whitley t-shirts were amazing!!! He saw them from stage adn told his band to check 'em out!!!! oh ♥  poor mumford & sons tho... They played Little Lion Man really early on in their set and 75% of the audience left after it was done. AND THEN.. The main left speaker stopped working.

So the day i have been counting down for since july finally came. (and by counting down i mean literally - my friend made me a skins countdown calendar to fuel my sick obsession) I must say despite a lot of what i am reading i wasn't dissappointed.  Sure it was Thomas' ep and essentially it it set the tone fo the series at mope-fest 2010. (srsly dude 24 mins for you to crack a smile?)  But we were well aware it would be angsty and now that's out of the way... BRING ON THE AWESOME... - in the same vane as the opening sequence which was epic.  I still have faith.

Also i have started watching Park & Recreation after my friend told me Leslie Knope reminded them of me. And by started watching... I mean watched every ep released in one sittting. Although i am not sure whether i should be offended  by the knope comparison. I guess it depends on what level it is. 

UGH HURRY UP FRIDAY.. i need to see new skins already... this waiting a whole week thing is going to kill me.... slowly .....over the eight weeks.  

Long time lurker, First time poster!

After  many good months of being a serial lurker, i have decided to take the plunge and head out into the wide world of Live Journal-dom. My decision may or may not be influenced by my sever obsesion with skins and the urge to join in on the epic fandom and lolz i witness on a regular basis. and with the impending season an approximate 22 days away (i'm not counting or anything) NOW WAS THE TIME!!!!!!

Super excited about all the pics, interviews, spoilers flying around atm :) CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

On a side note.... I AM SO SORRY RANDOM PEDESTRIAN GUY THAT I ALMOST RAN OVER AND KILLED TODAY!!!!!. The sun glare was horrifically blinding (like lady gaga sans makeup) causing me to not see the red light and almost hit him. please accept my apology. :(


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